Assisted Virtual Reality

The purpose of this patented technology is to save time and therefore money.

With AVR you can virtually rebuild a space in less than 5 minutes with great accuracy, so that two or more people can meet on site even if they are separated by large distances.

Simple and Easy

Since it's a new technology, our greatest effort has been to keep it extremely simple.

It takes the user just a few minutes to get started.

For everyone else, all it takes is just one click!

Cross Platform

Software as a Service

AVR technology can easily be customized on different cloud platforms such as

AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud or GCP. It is also possible to install the system on premises.


Contact us

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Is AVR a Virtual Tour?
AVR is the natural evolution of the Virtual Tour. It is the only system in the world that allows for two or more people to interact in a virtual space.
What is a virtual space?
A virtual space can be a construction, a ship, an industrial plant, or any other place captured with a 360 camera.
If the place does not exist yet, can I use renders?
Absolutely. The most important CAD softwares have the possibility to export in 360 formats. AVR works with both pictures taken with a 360 camera or renders exported by softwares such as AUTOCAD©.