Assisted Virtual Reality 2.0

What if you could meet and interact in a virtual tour, with one or more people, as if you were actualy there?

With AVR two or more people can meet and interact in a virtual tour without any constraints.

Simple and Easy

Our greatest effort has been to keep it extremely simple.

All you need is a click!

Cross Platform & Metaverse Ready

Software as a Service

AVR technology can easily be customized on different cloud platforms, such as

AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, GCP, installed on premise.


Contact us

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Is AVR a Virtual Tour?
AVR is the natural evolution of the Virtual Tour. It is the only system in the world that allows for two or more people to interact in a virtual space.
What is a virtual space?
A virtual space can be a construction, a ship, an industrial plant, or any other place captured with a 360 camera.
If the place does not exist yet, can I use renders?
Absolutely. The most important CAD softwares have the possibility to export in 360 formats. AVR works with both pictures taken with a 360 camera or renders exported by softwares such as AUTOCAD©.