Is AVR a Virtual Tour?
AVR is the natural evolution of the Virtual Tour. It is the only system in the world that allows for two or more people to interact in a virtual space.
What is a virtual space?
A virtual space can be a construction, a ship, an industrial plant, or any other place captured with a 360 camera.
If the place does not exist yet, can I use renders?
Absolutely. The most important CAD softwares have the possibility to export in 360 formats. AVR works with both pictures taken with a 360 camera or renders exported by softwares such as AUTOCAD©.
Who provides the camera?
The basic package includes a 360 camera with its tripod and a virtual reality headset.
Is it a video?
No, it's a series of 360 pictures and/or 360 renderings.
Is it possible to have AVR on the company's website?
Yes, there are different levels of customization that also allow the possibility of having AVR on a website.
How long does it take to photograph a site?
A 360 camera takes about 5% of the time it takes wih a normal camera. In practice it is possible to map an entire 5-storey building in just 30 minutes.
Is it possible to use AVR with a smartphone?
Yes, we have developed a mobile version, which is fully compatible.
Is it possible to install AVR on the company's servers?
Yes, it is possible to install the system on-premises.
The company has cameras on site, why would I need this technology?
AVR goes where cameras fail: interaction with technical colleagues and with the site itself, training for new hires, visits with clients and many other features that no camera is able to provide.
How about human contact?
No other technology gives you the same possibilities of interaction at a distance.
Why should I save time with this technology?
Because it is possible to reach a site without actually having to go there. No more travel expenses, accommodation etc.